Three Musketeers

a. today’s second breakfast was better than my 1st
2. beagles (& Margaret) love blueberries
c. the sizzling sound of brown sugar dissolving into milk is delightful

heaven is a place on earth.  quite possibly my favourite view as a tiny human

casual leg warmer vibez

thank you @goodreadsdotcom for my advance copy of The Glass Cage by Nicholas Carr.  can’t wait to dive in, I’ve robots on my mind as of late thinking about the Butlerian Jihad

Thursday mornings: Willa is HBIC of the backyard


ditto 🚀

faltando essas duas belezas. mas os sorrisos são tudo

uplifting ‘follow your dreams’ mural in the neighborhood

'water is life.' #FrankHerbert #theWindsofDune

always love me some delicate ironwork

Lies.  if you are doing it right, life should always be at least somewhat hard.  still remember the exact day I fully cognized this thanks to William James & Prof. Rebecca Carr