Vivs & Oscar

enjoying one of my happy places

exercising my right as youngest to be the most obnoxious person in the room. some things never change.  on the other hand I really miss those sweet velvet overalls

long day on set for a newb like me. más sustenance puhleeze


A decade+ later and I still find Allegra as creepy as the day I met her. But for you my darling I love her, despite the occasional urge to put her in a noose hanging from the fan.

vinyl discoveries  #IgorStravinsky

yes indeed.  et vous?

Inevitable backlash to that which, regardless of personal opinion, was a brilliant business decision.

inescapably forever & always, might as well settle in and start enjoying it, ya dig?

2/3 of today’s spontaneous plant fashion team

Albert Two-Face Einstein

Sunshine days are more productive, leaving plenty of time for sunnaps n’ bike rides. Jumping with joy, mentally & corporally.